Rules for Feeding the Stash

Wednesday, March 8, 2023


I finally started unpacking some of my craft supplies this week—specifically, I've been working on my yarn stash. Usually my yarn lives in a series of clear plastic bins, but to move I ended up dumping a bunch of it into giant space bags so I could use the bins as packing boxes. Going through and reorganizing the yarn has been a task, but it's coming together. There's a limit to how much of my craft room I can unpack until I get another big bookcase, but it feels good to be making some progress.

One of my biggest hangups right now is getting my art put up. I have a large collection of wall art, and I love having my walls covered, but for some reason I'm stuck and can't quite decide where to start right now. I did take a plunge and hang up these two little wall friends next to the kitchen island this weekend, and I'm pleased with how they look. I've also (mostly) decided on locations for one of my big prints and one of my mirrors, so hopefully I'll get those hung up soon and with any luck that will kick start me into getting the rest of my art set up. 

I also had a major success this week—longtime readers of the blog might remember this sock, which I initially cast on in March of 2012(!!!!). To be fair, I did have some false starts, and I did have to ultimately rework the pattern so it would fit me comfortably, but the sock is DONE, and I am so pleased. Hopefully the second sock won't take as long. I struggle with socks—when I first started knitting I knit socks constantly, but over time I've had more and more trouble with my hands, and socks and other small-gauge projects really do a number on them, so I have to limit myself to short knitting sessions.


  1. I’m so glad you’re back :) I’ve been reading your blog regularly since 2014/15 !