Rules for Feeding the Stash

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Books (upon books)

 I'm still catching up on rest from moving weekend, but my bookcases are finally coming together! I unpacked most of my books before going back to South Dakota so I'd have room in the craft room (Box Land) for the rest of my stuff, but only over the weekend have my shelves started to feel organized. There's still some work to do—I need some more shelves, but I don't know what form they'll take, and I'm working on figuring out how all my tchotchkes and collectibles will fit in, but having the Book Wall set up and taking shape really makes the place feel homey.

My craft room/home office is still a disaster, of course, and hopefully in a couple weeks I can source some more storage for in there. My bedroom is also a bit of a tip, but my plan for this weekend is to putter around in there and make it feel more settled.

I'm getting the itch to pick up a knitting project—it's been a while, between moving stress and an accident with a can lid that left my left hand pretty much unusable for several weeks (it's healed now, and I just have a gnarly scar and some minor nerve damage that hopefully will keep clearing up)—so I'll probably need to brave the craft boxes at some point to pull out a project.


  1. When we moved into our house, I made sure I had my books unpacked and on the shelves before I went to bed the first night. There's something about having one's library settled that makes a place really feel like home!

    1. I missed my books so much when they were boxed up, I've definitely taken notes from this experience to make unpacking them the next time I move easier and quicker!