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Monday, May 24, 2021


This weekend was busy! Saturday was the dance recital, and it went really well, but it was a very long day. I ended up going to bed pretty early, which I'm sure I needed. It was great to catch up with the dance studio team, and one of our old teachers came back to visit for the day as well, and it was great to see them.

Yesterday I got myself into a cleaning mood. My kitchen has been a disaster for a while—mail piled up, food not put in cupboards, pans piled on the stove. I promise I have been trying to keep it tidy the last few months, but I've only ever managed to clear a small part of the counter or put a few pans away. Yesterday I put everything away, cleaned out my fridge, wiped down counters, the works. It feels so much better in there now, and hopefully we won't see Disaster Kitchen again for a while.

I don't really have plans for this week yet. I'm still resting up after the semester, and I don't know when I'll figure out my new regular schedule. Next week I go back to work in the library full-time, which will be good, but a big adjustment, so maybe I'll hold off trying to figure out my normal for a couple more weeks. 

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