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Friday, August 14, 2020

Cuddle Blanket!


Gosh, do I even blog anymore? I spent most of last weekend napping and couldn't think of anything interesting to share on Monday, BUT! I have great news today! 

I have finished my Cuddle Blanket!!

I started this back in 2015, and I'd had the yarn for it for at least a year or two before that. My best friend used to work at Walmart and sent me a whole big box of clearanced yarn and it took a while to figure out what to do with it all. Eventually I stumbled across the Garter Squish pattern, and after pulling a couple more yarns from my stash to make up the difference, I knew that this was destined to be a friendship cuddle blanket. 

This has been sitting in my closet for years, and it was about a quarter knit when I pulled it out for Stash Dash. It took a bit longer to finish than I initially thought it would, but it was still a super quick finish.

I did skip the i-cord edges that the pattern called for—I did them for the first couple of inches, but I had a hard time maintaining tension on them, and then I dropped one of the stitches, so I gave up and just slipped the first stitch of every row for the rest of the blanket. It looks fine.

I'm so pleased with how big this came out. It's probably a generous twin-size, but because it's almost all acrylic and it's not knit at a super dense gauge, it stretches really well, making it perfect for cuddling. 

Also, Lee Lee really loves it. (Side note: today is her twelfth birthday! We are celebrating with lots of ear scritches and cookies, and this afternoon we're gonna go catch up on her shots!)

Ravelry Page: Garter Squish Cuddle Blanket

Pattern: Garter Squish by Stephen West (Ravelry)

Yarn: Assorted 

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