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Friday, April 5, 2019

Some New Friends

One of my hobbies is collecting and caring for houseplants, and this week I scored two new beauties. Wednesday afternoon I was running some errands and I had to swing by my property management company, and there were these two big rubber plants in the foyer. I've been wanting a rubber plant for a while, and these ones were looking really sad. One of the realtors popped her head out from her office and said that they were free, as the team was sick of taking care of them.

They were both droopy and bone dry, and I ended up pulling off quite a bit of dead material from them. One of them is already starting to perk up, but they're both going to need plenty of tlc for the next few weeks. I gave them each half a gallon of water on Wednesday and again yesterday, and the soil is still rock hard and dry after the first half inch or so. I'm also working on getting the humidity in the room they're in right now up to hopefully help as well.

I'm really excited to have these two plants in my collection. I love big plants, but most of mine are small to mid-size, so these rubber trees really make a statement. Right now they're in my studio, and I think I like them there, but we'll see how they do in that light.

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