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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pattern: Obregonia

I’ve always loved cacti– even as a small child, I’d beg my mother to let me have a cactus in my room. She always refused, probably (rightfully) cautious of what a troublesome combination my clumsiness and a cactus’ spines would be. As soon as I moved out to college, I got my first cactus, and it still has a cherished spot in my indoor garden.

I also really love lace at large gauges. Gimme a bulky or super bulky-weight lace knit and I am in my happy place. So when I got this bright skein of Berkshire Bulky, I instantly wanted to do a fun lace accessory- a statement knit, but a wearable one. Of course, the color made me think of cacti, and this hat grew from there.

Obregonia is a bulky lace hat that works up quickly. The large-gauge lace is fun and engaging, and as always the pattern includes both written and charted instructions.

Also, since my Birthday Sale is still going on through midnight US Central Time tonight, you can get Obregonia for 27% off with code "HB27"!

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