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Friday, September 8, 2017

Birthday Time!

My Henri is coming along so nicely! This is a much better project for this yarn, I can already tell that the yarn will bloom into all these texture stitches delightfully. It feels so much softer than the original sweater, and I definitely wanted to take advantage of the 15% cashmere, so I am super pleased. So far I've really only been working on this at my lunch breaks, and a little bit a choir practice on Wednesday, but Anemone is running a half marathon on Sunday, so I'm sure I'll have time to bang out quite a bit while I'm waiting for her to finish.

Tomorrow is my birthday! AKA, the second-best day of the year (after Halloween). I'll be going up to the city tomorrow for my annual birthday brunch and shenanigans with Anemone, and tonight my mum is making turkey enchiladas. Last night I baked my carrot cake, and tonight I just have to mix up the frosting and frost it. I am, as you can tell, super stoked.

Of course, that means it's also time for my annual birthday sale! Through September 13th, all my patterns and collections are 27% off with the code "HB27"! You can use the code as many times as you want, so go wild :) 

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