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Monday, February 27, 2017

A Growing Sweater

I hope you all had a good weekend! I was home with strep, which sucked, but it gave me an excuse to stay in bed all weekend and read and watch Hulu. I didn't get very much knitting done, but I've been carrying my Chaverim sample around as lunch knitting and I'm five or six inches past the underarms now.

I've joined the second ball of yarn, and everything's still going pretty smoothly. Sadly, there's not too much that's interesting about a fingering weight stockinette sweater body. I probably knit a couple thousand stitches on this over the weekend, and it doesn't really look much different than it did on Friday. C'est la vie. I'm hoping that by tracking my progress here, I'll be more motivated to make substantial progress so I don't have a ton of posts that say "I know it looks just like it did last week, but I promise there are 3,000 more stitches on there!"

Once I get through the body there's some fun stuff  that I'm really looking forward to, but I'm not going to spill too many details yet. As much as I might want to complain about knitting a mile of fingering weight stockinette, it's going to be so worth it, and I can't wait for the finished project. I've got just under four weeks left before my self-imposed deadline, and I bet I can still make it!

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  1. You are on a sweater kick! It's getting me motivated to start on my fingering weight cardigan! -Sierra

  2. oh my, I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this comment. how painful! your sweater is looking mighty nice!