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Monday, October 10, 2016

Thinking Pink

Apparently I'm on a really huge pink kick right now. I've got three design projects in different pinks, my Volcano Cowl is pink (heck, even my background tablecloth is pink!). Of course, I have tons of other projects on the needles in other colors, but pink is definitely a big thing for me right now.

For most of my childhood, I absolutely hated pink. I spent most of elementary and middle school trying to reject anything feminine, and now that I'm older and have gotten over myself, I'm having lots of fun with all the pink frilly and sparkly things I never let myself enjoy when I was younger.

I'm not sure when this change happened-I know I started letting myself enjoy pink and "girly" stuff long before I started critically thinking about negative societal perceptions of femininity. I definitely understand now that I wanted to be a "tomboy" growing up because I picked up on all the negative connotations that femininity had. Sometimes I want to go back to my younger self and shake her and yell "just let yourself enjoy fun things!" but I know that was a phase that I had to work through.

Ultimately, it worked out for me. I'm having tons of fun enjoying all the princess pink stuff I rejected when I was younger and embracing the more feminine aspects of my personality. But I still see some girls that shy away from pink and glitter and dresses in order to appear less "girly," and that makes me sad. Fortunately, I think we're in a much better place than we were fifteen and twenty years ago, and I think lots of parents now are more aware of encouraging their kids to explore whatever they like, and hopefully things will just keep getting better, and no one will have to feel uncomfortable with themselves for loving pink!

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  1. I hated pink growing up as well and never wore it. Now I have a few select pink pieces that I wear but I still don't gravitate towards it. Your pinks are quite pretty!!!

  2. I also hated pink growing up. My friend's mother told us that liking pink showed security in oneself. I think that has proven to be true for me. I still don't love all pinks, and it's not my favorite color, but there are shades of it I love unapologetically.

  3. I never really had a thing for pink and still not. Although I did learn to appreciate certain shades of pink and I recently noticed that purple is working itself more and more into my wardrobe.