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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Autum and Sweater Knitting

I grew up in New England, so for the first seventeen years of my life I was pretty spoiled for fantastic autumns. Since moving to the midwest, fall's been less of a big deal for me, because it always seems like the leaves turn yellow and fall and get rained on all at once. This year, however, we've been pretty spoiled so far. Yes, the ground is soggy, yes it's been foggy and rainy, and yes, most of the leaves are shades of yellow instead of spectacular reds and oranges and purples.

But the past few days as I've walked home from work, I've been lucky to be able to watch leaves fall, and the sidewalks are paved with yellow leaves, and it's actually shaping up to be a pretty good fall. It's looking like we've got another month before snow its going to be a problem, which is refreshing.

I've been making good time on my mum's sweater-the second sleeve is done, and I've just finished the bottom ribbing for the body. This is the perfect knitting for this time of year-a nice, woolly, neutral tweed, plain stockinette, and miles to go before I sleep.


  1. loved hearing about your growing up. I liked midwest falls they were better than the south to me. I love color!!! Now the south has spectacular spring time colors that the north cannot do. Anyways, you knitting is quite pretty!

  2. Just experienced a North East fall for the first time, the colors were breathtaking! Nothing even close to that in California! Ours is usually a one day leaf color change then a wind comes through and blows them all down. -Sierra

  3. You are making good progress on that sweater! And I know what you mean, here in Toronto the leaves are predominantly yellow, but in other areas of the country there are such spectacular glowing reds and oranges, and the variety and the intensity is breathtaking.