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Monday, September 26, 2016

Worth Fixing?

I've been going through and organizing my stash and some old projects and I came across my second Amiga cardigan. I knit this back in 2013, and it was the second time I'd knit this particular yarn-originally it had been a Kaleidescope, but that was a poor pattern choice for a cotton/silk blend, so I reclaimed it. This pattern worked a lot better for this yarn, but I've only worn it once or twice, and I'm really not happy with it overall.

The colors are a bit overwhelming, the sleeves are way too long and too loose for a cropped-sleeve sweater, and the sweater is just way too short overall. I still have some of this yarn left over, so I'm now debating if it's worth trying to fix this sweater. I'd rip the sleeves back to elbow length, and keep them more fitted to my arm, and I'd lengthen the sweater as much as possible-hopefully to the hip.

My main debate right now is whether it's worth trying to fix this-I'm hoping that these mods would make it a lot more wearable, and I'm counting on being able to rock the wild colors with a pair of jeans once the sweater is a better shape. On the flip side, it's a lot of work to go through to end up with a third unwearable sweater if it doesn't work out.

So help a gal out-is it worth it to rip back and maybe (finally) get a wearable sweater?

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  1. Do you wear wild colors like that often? I know for me, I love the idea of a sweater in that color in theory but I KNOW I would never actually wear it, just because it's not my style. On the other hand, I have friends who would rock that sweater with the mods you're thinking of because the colors fit right in with their wardrobe. For me I think it comes down to the colors of the sweater and the other colors in your wardrobe/colors you are more likely to wear because the mods you're planning sound like they would make a lovely sweater!

  2. I love the colors! But that's a personal choice - if you don't like the colors now then changing the sleeves and body length probably won't change your opinion of the sweater overall.

  3. If it were me, I'd frog-it and call it a day. I feel like if you haven't done anything with it in 3 years it's a lost cause. That's just me though!

  4. At least the mods don't sound all too insane to accomplish, however if you are not loving the colours now you will also not love them when the fit is better. It might be nicer to focus your time on something you know you will love and wear.

  5. I'm quick to recommend frogging, because I feel like it's a shame to have good yarn sitting in a knit that you won't wear. if you think you will definitely wear it regularly with the mods, go for it. If not, then I'd frog. But perhaps before frogging, have a trip through the Ravelry patterns section and see if you can find another pattern that you would be excited to knit with it?