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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall Into Knit Accessories

I'm sure this comes as no surprise, but I really freaking love fall. We're probably still due a couple of warm days in my neck of the woods, but the mornings are nice and chilly and I am happily settling into tights and giant grandpa sweaters.

The change in weather is also making me really excited for my other great love-knitted accessories. I've brought out my shawls, and I'm dreaming of new hats and cowls and mitts (oh my!). I've got a nice little pile of yarn destined for new accessories, and I'm super happy that the time has come to start knitting them up.

Currently I'm working on a Volcano Cowl in some Road to China Light, but I don't have any pictures yet (because it is also the season of darkening evenings). It's a bit slow going so far, since my lunches are spent knitting socks for my mum and my evenings are taken up with my current design project, but once those are done this cowl will be another gorgeous accessory to cozy into for fall and winter.

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  1. Cute outfit. In my area here, the east bay, we have finally been given a reprieve and only had 78° today; yippee!

  2. Mm I feel you. Autumn is the perfect season for knitters!