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Friday, May 8, 2015

Allergies or Plague, and Socks

Is it just me, or has this been a really rough week? I've felt crappy pretty much every way you can imagine feeling crappy-a different symptom every day! I think at lease some of it is allergies, but I don't remember them kicking my butt like this for the past few years, so it could be plague. It also doesn't help that I managed to lose my SD card for my camera (whoops). I've ordered a new one, and it should be here Saturday, so I'll hopefully manage to get caught up on picture-taking this weekend.

My main project right now is this pair of lace socks, and I have a whole bunch of other WIPs hanging around as well. I feel like I'm getting into a bit of a rut-I have all these projects that are wonderful and engaging and all different, but I don't know what I feel like knitting. I don't know if I haven't settled on the right "background project" yet, or if I have too much going on at once, or if I just haven't been knitting enough this week to feel like I've been accomplishing anything. Apparently fighting allergies (or plague) means that all I want to do is nap and read comics.

But I really do like these socks, and they're excellent purse knitting for now. Hopefully I'll start feeling more like myself again soon.


  1. I hope you feel better quickly Kat!

  2. Allergies are definitely abounding. We have pollen caking over everything, in and outside the house. Hope you feel better soon! Those should be really pretty socks :)

  3. Sounds very rough, allergy season can be really harsh sometimes. I have the same feeling that I cannot decide on a project when I'm too busy. So right now I'm just sticking to one project for now. Those are lovely socks though, those are going to be awesome!