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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Quickly, on a Sunday

1. I'm sorry for the quietness of last week.  I haven't gotten a chance to take good pictures of anything recently, although that is on my agenda for this week.  I have things I want to show you!

2. Ella is still going swimmingly, though not swimmingly enough that I am totally confident that I will have her finished in time for my friend's wedding next month.  Fingers crossed.

3. I started the first of the baby blankets.  It's simple biased garter stitch, which I think is incredibly homey and comforting.  Both blankets are yellow, which is one of my favorite colors for babies (it's one of the happiest colors, I think).

4. I had a decorative pot related foot injury this weekend, which means I'm getting out of dance rehearsal for a couple days and hoping my tetanus boosters are up to date. 

5. I've spent the weekend moving all the furniture in my room around.  I got rid of my desk/dresser, which gives me a lot of floor space.  The ultimate goal is to be able to fit my armchair in my room, but we'll have to see how things work out.  I need at least one more bookcase and to figure out how to best optimize my under-bed storage space.

6. I'm also starting a new self-care plan. It involves a set, regular, early bedtime, knitting every evening, sleepytime yoga every day, and early morning reading with coffee.  It looks good on paper, so now I'm transitioning to make it happen in real life.  The goal is that I will become calmer and more rested, and overall have less anxiety.  I want to get more rest and fit in things that I love everyday, and this plan allows for that, and it gives me a firm schedule to stick to, which is something I need right now, with the craziness of summer.  Self-care is incredibly important, and I'm happy with my plan.

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