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Friday, February 11, 2022

Checking In

Hello, friends! I'm here with my promised monthly check-in, and I can't believe January's gone and we're almost halfway through February already.

I released two patterns that I worked on throughout last year, and I currently don't have any designs in progress. I'm not sure how I feel about that—on the one hand, it's nice to have that pressure taken off me, but on the other hand, I've been working on some design or other straight through since 2014, so it's definitely a change.

Classes have started, and I think it's going to be a good semester. It doesn't look like any of my classes will be too too difficult or onerous, which is a relief—I don't have major projects in two of my three classes, and so far my reading load is about half of what it's been in past semesters. I have to do my graduation portfolio this semester, too, which I'm not really looking forward to, but I've come this far, so I'm sure I'll get through it just fine.

One thing I finally did this month, after putting it off for years was sandwich my vintage quilt top. I got this at a church bazaar back in 2014 (I think?) and I've been seriously meaning to sandwich it since I moved into my apartment. For whatever reason, it just never was a priority when I had the time to do it, but a couple weeks ago I decided to go for it. I haven't been knitting as much during my classes as I thought I would before I started library school, and it's really good for my mental health for me to make things with my hands. 

This quilt top isn't perfect—there are crooked bits, and the fabrics are all different weights, so some have stretched out more than others—and that gives me a lot of freedom to not worry about quilting it perfectly. I can just enjoy the process of stitching and not think at all about how even or straight my stitches are. I've really been enjoying being able to just make something without putting any pressure on myself to make it perfect, or even good. No matter how messily it's stitched, as I'm sitting in class or watching YouTube, it will be functional, and I'm sure Lee Lee will fight me for possession of it when it's done. 

There's probably something there about the freedom of doing things badly—even intentionally doing things badly. Sure, there's a lot of satisfaction surrounding a perfectly executed project, but right now I'm really loving the process of stitching without any pressure to make it look nice. 

Monday, January 24, 2022

Jasper Beach

Jasper Beach is a quick knit with a big payoff. Super bulky yarn coupled with bobble stripes creates a thick, cozy cowl sure to keep all kinds of winds and chills off your neck. Perfect for cold-weather foraging, beachcombing, and just walking around your neighborhood.

Jasper Beach is worked in the round from the bottom up.

Jasper Beach is available on Ravelry and Payhip, and you can use code PEBBLES for 20% off through Wednesday, January 26!

This is the last pattern I have lined up for release for a while—since it's my last semester of library school, I'm taking even more of a break, and I currently don't have any designs in progress! It feels weird, but I'm letting myself focus on finishing my degree, working out my next steps, and taking care of myself. Maybe something new will sneak into my sketchbook or onto my needles, but I've taken that pressure off myself for the next six-ish months. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Scrounger is a cozy, textured shawl worked sideways from one point to the opposite side. Featuring garter stitch and a simple lace repeat, Scrounger is both comforting to knit and easy to wear.

Perfect for wandering around in the woods or downtown, Scrounger is the ideal shawl for uncovering hidden treasures.

Scrounger is currently available on Ravelry and Payhip, and it's 20% off through Friday, January 21 with code FIND.

Monday, January 3, 2022

Changes, and My Word for 2022

Well, hi, friends. It's been a while, hasn't it?

I made it through my third semester of library school, all the winter holidays, and a quick ER vet trip (Lee Lee busted her eyelid on the coffee table, she's fine) and I'm looking kind of trepidatiously at the next six months. 

In two weeks I'll start my final semester of library school, and sixteen weeks after that I'll be done. I'll have my master's degree. That's...huge. I don't know what job I'll have this summer, or where I'll be living, and it's a very intimidating feeling. 

I've never really liked change, but I'm at this transitional period in my life where I need to go through some major changes to get where I want to be. My therapist says that this is a "growing time," and that it will be healthy for me. I'm trying to believe her. (I'm sure she's right, that's why she gets the big bucks, but it doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.)

I've toyed with choosing a word the past couple years, but this year it came really easy to me: Growth. A bit on the nose, perhaps, but I've spent a lot of energy over the past two years working on my education and my mental and physical health, and I've done a lot of that "invisible" growth—strengthening my roots and building up momentum—and soon I'll be ready to shoot out some new leaves and flowers. It's weird to know that I'm coming up on the end of a project that's taken most of my energy for almost two years

As afraid as I am of the changes facing me this next year, I'm also hugely excited to see where I end up and what this next stage of my life will look like. 

I can say that I feel more at home in myself now than I ever have before, and that makes me hopeful

In an effort to not put too much extra pressure on myself, I think I'm going to commit myself to checking in here monthly for now. I'm also not committing to designing right now, but have two patterns with my tech editor right now, and I'll pop in to announce those here when they go live. I have some sketches in my notebook, and I've mentally assigned yarn to them, but we'll see when they get started. At the beginning of library school, I had high hopes for how much sample knitting I'd do in class, but it turns out that grad school is mentally exhausting, and I'm finally accepting that and taking all the pressure off. 

I suppose you'd like a picture of something knitterly. This is my mother's xmas sweater, which I started mid-October and finished three days before xmas. She had bought the yarn a couple years ago, and approached me in October about knitting her a sweater with it for her gift. It's the Natural Cardigan (Ravelry Link) by Christina K├Ârber-Reith, and it really was a pleasant knit. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

-Along Time 2021

 Hi Friends!

Yes, I have been INCREDIBLY absent from the blog. I'm blaming school. (Things are going great. My grades are good, I got into all my first-choice classes for next semester, the finish line is so close I can taste it.)

We are coming up on two of my favorite events of the year:

-The Ravelry Indie Gift-A-Long, beginning November 23, 2021

-The Off-Ravelry Fasten Off Yarn-A-Long, beginning November 30, 2021

I'm so excited to be a participating designer in both of these events again, and I hope to see you hanging around one of them!

Thursday, September 2, 2021


I did not intend to take the last month off from blogging, but it turns out I really needed a break! I'm wrestling with how often I want to show up here—I love you all, and I love sharing here, but I'm also very busy (what with work, and grad school, and trying to keep my dog happy and socialized) and I don't know quite what the right balance is for me yet. 

Anyway! Updates! I successfully cleared a bunch of stuff out of my apartment and got it all clean and vacuumed before school started. I also got my freezer absolutely packed with freezer meals and Trader Joe's tamales so I don't have to think about dinners all the time. 

Classes started last week and I think it's going to be a really good semester. I'm taking Information and Inquiry, Community Engagement, and Public Libraries, and I've had both my professors before and really like them. Just fourteen more weeks, then winter break, then sixteen more weeks. I can do it.

As far as work goes, I was given a reference shift this semester and I'm really loving being down at the reference desk for a couple of hours a week. It's still pretty quiet, because none of the usual big assignments have been given yet, but I didn't realize how much I missed having some time in a public-facing position. 

I almost forgot! It is September now, which means it's time for my Birthday Sale! Use code HB31 to get 31% off everything in my Ravelry and Payhip stores. The code will be good through September 16th. 

Monday, August 2, 2021

Organizing and a New Sweater

This weekend I decided I wanted to konmari a bunch of my things and I maybe went a bit too hard too fast. I got through all my clothes and accessories and books in just a day and a half, and now I'm exhausted. Fortunately that's pretty much all I wanted to prune right now, but oh man it's tiring. I have a big pile of stuff to get donated or sold in the city and a slightly smaller pile of stuff to go to my dumpster once I have the energy to carry it out there. I've been meaning to do a big declutter for a while, so it feels nice to have done, and hopefully I'll be able to organize my closet and bookshelves some more before school starts up again THREE WEEKS FROM TODAY.

This week's lunch knitting is another fingering-weight sweater, because why not. It's Playdate, from TinCanKnits, and I started it just before vacation as an easy project to tote around on our various adventures. I ended up being too busy and tired to work on it much during vacation, but it's a nice lazy project for right now, and it'll be great for class knitting once classes start up again. 

Honestly, this has been such a weird summer so far, and it's strange to think that it's almost over. Between transitioning back to work in the library full-time, vacation, and resting up after my first year of grad school, the summer has really flown by. Fortunately it's not quite done yet, and I have a few more things to get done before school starts, but it really feels like yesterday was June! 

Friday, July 30, 2021

Vacation in New England

Hello friends! I totally just disappeared on you, didn't I? I was in fact on family vacation, and I had a post about planning for vacation all written up here but when I just logged on now to talk about how vacation went, I saw that the post was still a draft! Whoops!

Anyway, I went to New England with my mum and my siblings for ten days and it was great. We saw mountains, we went out on the ocean, we rode a swan boat in Boston, we hung out in the woods and saw salamanders, and we went to a minor league baseball game (I am firmly of the opinion that minor league baseball is one thousand times better than major league and that aside from hockey minor league baseball is the best sport).

(Also for anyone following Kat's Book Bingo attempt, I did manage to read the last four books I had on my bingo square while I was on vacation, so I completely filled in my bingo card! Now we wait to see if I get my name drawn for prizes.)

So! Pictures!

It was nice to get back out there and visit with our old friends, but now I'm back and I have just over three weeks to get myself re-settled and ready for the semester to start! 

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Two Bingos

It is TUESDAY, how's that for a change, kittens? I very much enjoyed my long weekend, even though we had a heat advisory here and it was GROSS and MISERABLE. I did a little cleaning, did a little baking (made my favorite cookies!) and got myself pretty well caught up on book bingo.

I finished SIX WHOLE BOOKS this weekend, got my first two bingos, and I'm eight books away from my blackout. Fingers crossed, but I'm feeling pretty good. Most of these squares are going to be covered by books I already have downloaded to my phone, so I was holding off on starting those in case I needed to read them during vacation. 

Did I mention vacation? I'm going on vacation next week for ten days. I'm very excited. I still haven't picked out knitting to bring. 

Friday, July 2, 2021

Catching Up

Happy Friday! I'm definitely looking forward to the long weekend—I haven't been making tons of progress on my book bingo card the past week or so, but I think three days off should help me cross off a few more squares. My only other plan for the weekend is to get my new crop top pattern written and sent to my tech editor so I have a chance of releasing it before I go on vacation the middle of the month.

I also, as you can see above, changed up my lunch knitting. I'm not really knitting as much during lunch as I used to, and I decided I'd make better progress on my garter stitch sweater if it was at home by the tv, so I'm trying smaller projects at work. This is a cowl that I started back in May so I'd have something mindless to work on, and it's so close to done I can taste it. 

I hope that you all have something nice planned for your weekend, especially if you're enjoying three days off like I am.