Rules for Feeding the Stash

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Buffet Display and Library Books

This past weekend was pretty lazy overall, but I finally motivated myself enough to clear off the top of my buffet so that my vintage pyrex and crystal punch bowl can be displayed nicely! I'm very pleased with how this looks now. The buffet had kind of turned into a doom pile, so it's nice to actually see my things displayed. The dining table is still a mess, but someday I'll work on clearing that pile!

I've also been making regular trips to the public library. I actually read nine comics that I had checked out on Sunday, and immediately brought more books home to make up for it. This trunk is actually meant to be a combination coffee table/ottoman for the couch, but I don't have a better place to keep my mountain of library books right now. Someday! 

 This week I'm hoping to get a new pattern off to my tech editor and finish a couple books I have on Libby before they get slurped back to the digital library. I also need to (finally) get my bike chain back on its gears and fill the tires now that we're firmly out of winter.


  1. I'm totally stealing the phrase "doom pile"!

    1. It's such a great phrase—not only does it capture the feeling you get when you see them, but it also describes what inevitably happens to the piles when you try to clean ("didn't organize, only moved")