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Thursday, September 2, 2021


I did not intend to take the last month off from blogging, but it turns out I really needed a break! I'm wrestling with how often I want to show up here—I love you all, and I love sharing here, but I'm also very busy (what with work, and grad school, and trying to keep my dog happy and socialized) and I don't know quite what the right balance is for me yet. 

Anyway! Updates! I successfully cleared a bunch of stuff out of my apartment and got it all clean and vacuumed before school started. I also got my freezer absolutely packed with freezer meals and Trader Joe's tamales so I don't have to think about dinners all the time. 

Classes started last week and I think it's going to be a really good semester. I'm taking Information and Inquiry, Community Engagement, and Public Libraries, and I've had both my professors before and really like them. Just fourteen more weeks, then winter break, then sixteen more weeks. I can do it.

As far as work goes, I was given a reference shift this semester and I'm really loving being down at the reference desk for a couple of hours a week. It's still pretty quiet, because none of the usual big assignments have been given yet, but I didn't realize how much I missed having some time in a public-facing position. 

I almost forgot! It is September now, which means it's time for my Birthday Sale! Use code HB31 to get 31% off everything in my Ravelry and Payhip stores. The code will be good through September 16th. 

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