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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Two Bingos

It is TUESDAY, how's that for a change, kittens? I very much enjoyed my long weekend, even though we had a heat advisory here and it was GROSS and MISERABLE. I did a little cleaning, did a little baking (made my favorite cookies!) and got myself pretty well caught up on book bingo.

I finished SIX WHOLE BOOKS this weekend, got my first two bingos, and I'm eight books away from my blackout. Fingers crossed, but I'm feeling pretty good. Most of these squares are going to be covered by books I already have downloaded to my phone, so I was holding off on starting those in case I needed to read them during vacation. 

Did I mention vacation? I'm going on vacation next week for ten days. I'm very excited. I still haven't picked out knitting to bring. 

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