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Monday, June 28, 2021

Peachy Keen

Hello friends! I hope you're all doing well. I did manage to get my peaches canned (and don't they look beautiful!) but my apartment is still in a bit of a tip. Turns out that driving to the city to pick up peaches one day and then canning all those peaches the next day is a Bit Much and doesn't leave much energy for things like checking the state of the fridge or cleaning the tub. 

I really wanted t get my crop top sample finished this month, but as it still needs seams and a collar I think the only way that might happen is if I sit down tonight and really try to bang it out. There's a bunch of dishes from yesterday that should get washed first, but I think it's doable (if I keep saying it, it must come true). 

We also finally got some rain here on Saturday, and I wish I had been able to sit at home and properly enjoy it. We got almost no snow last winter, and we've had very little rain so far, so everything was super crispy. Hopefully we'll  get a bit more rain soon—Saturday was great, but we're still way behind where we should be! 

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