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Monday, November 2, 2020

Shawls and Recovery

Happiest news first: I am just twenty rows from starting the border on this shawl. It's so soft, and it's been such a great knit. I'm hoping to get it finished by midmonth, but given everything in my life and in the world right now, no promises. You'll get the pattern as soon as I can get it finished.

Mixed news: the good news is that Lee Lee is healing enough that she has the energy to cause a lot of trouble. The bad news is, she's causing trouble, and she's still miserable. I got a cone for her on Friday, and she hates it. She vacillates between lying on her side like she can't move and furiously thrashing around trying to get the cone off—and I mean furiously. She's launched herself off the bed, essentially backflipped onto the hardwood floor (and the concrete outside), and if I try to hold her still then her little nails just dig in everywhere.

I'm back to having her on pain meds, because she's obviously not ready to be off them yet, and those keep her pretty stoned most of the time, which is a relief. The last few days have been especially rough—she's accidentally peed the bed a couple of times, and she also managed to absolutely cover herself in poop twice (once she got herself trapped under a chair and was stuck in it, the second time she was too busy trying to get the cone off to realize she was pooping and kept rolling around in it). I am exhausted. Hopefully we're almost done with all this. I promised her no more surgeries, because if she's this miserable for this long after dental surgery, I don't think she'd make it through a more invasive surgery.

At least focusing on Lee Lee takes up most of my energy so I don't have time to doom scroll and think too hard about the election. If you're able and you haven't done so already, please vote. Also make a plan to take care of yourself for the next couple days/weeks, because it looks like they're going to be stressful no matter what. My good friend Patricia rounded up some good tips in her newsletter.

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