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Monday, February 24, 2020


Back on Friday, when I started planning my weekend, I thought I'd spend two long days getting a bunch of knitting done. I have a pattern to finish writing up, a couple of samples on the needles, a sweater that only needs half a sleeve left to go, and I really thought I had a good chance of getting a bunch of stuff caught up on.

Well, Saturday morning I had to admit to myself that I'd let my apartment get into A State, and it really needed some love. So I spent all day Saturday cleaning and WOW my apartment is so much better now. I even finally repotted my orchids after having that on my to-do list for months!

So I didn't get any knitting done on Saturday, but yesterday I sat down in front of Netflix with my vest sample and banged out a few inches. As you can see, the fronts and backs are joined and it's finally starting to look like an actual garment. This is my favorite stage of a project, right when everything comes together. Obviously, there's still a ton of knitting left to go, but cruising along through the body of a garment is one of my favorite things to do.

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