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Friday, November 22, 2019

We Have Brioche!

As you can see, I decided that three braids was enough, and I'm now on the final brioche section of my Currituck Sound. I've never done two-color brioche, and I've only ever done one practice swatch of single-color brioche, years ago, but it's going well. I messed up the setup rows and had to rip back and redo them, but in the scheme of things that was just a minor hiccup.

I'm hoping to get this finished tonight and then catch up on blocking over the weekend, but we'll see if I get distracted by one of my current books. My bell choir is playing on Sunday, so I have morning rehearsals tomorrow and Sunday before we preform. I'm also planning on making a couple of loaves of bread to use for stuffing on Thanksgiving, so I definitely have plenty to do this weekend! 

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